Leuchtesmart Metering

Power consumption

Water consumption

Heat consumption

The option smart Metering can measure your energy usage at home and present it live on the screen. The energy can be used without restrictions in daily lives and be saved at the same time.
The smart Metering system from smart PLACE is very easily to operate and is versatile. Not only it is possible to display normal consumption indicator in a graphical way, but you also have the option to create energy communities. The usage of energy, heating and water can be evaluated and calculated by the management real estate. For this digital energy indicator, smart PLACE delivers from software to hardware a complete solution. The customary M-Bus counter can be used for this purpose.


smart Metering consumption data
In this category, the data per apartment or single home will be recorded and displayed. The data can be displayed graphically and recall in every period of time you wish to see. The data will be calculated in Franken or other units like the numbers of coffee cups or in amounts of tubs, for resolving a better understanding. The user can create a better imagination for its consumption, if the water usage is displayed, for example, in tubs.

Next to the graphical data recording, the average energy of the entire building is displayed. The user can set goals on a daily-, weekly-, monthly- and yearly base for its individual consumption. Can the goals not be reached, the system will agitate with subtle visuals, so the user can improve.


smart Metering energy distribution
This solution is generally used at PV installations. The smart PLACE control makes sure that the produced energy will be used mainly in the building itself. The system measures the produced energy and communicates directly with the end user like car charging station and primary installations boiler, and so on. So, for example, the boiler can already be charged up throughout the day, thus solar electricity is available or the charging stations switch from normal to speed charging.


smart Metering management real estate
The management real estate can calculate the data from extern and from each apartment in the building. Therefore, the services and installations from company like Neovac and so on will no longer be needed. The data goes from warm water, cold water, heating and electricity energy. With an energy community, it is also possible to calculate the electrc energy. In this category, it is particularly important, that the user can comprehend the costs through smart Metering on their own. The user can enter the same time period into the system and it will present the same results like on the bill. smart PLACE can offer a transparency like no other system.