Quai Vernets, Geneva

In the culture-rich city of Geneva, a residential district called Quai Vernets is being built which will feature a new high-rise building. We at smart PLACE AG are pleased to join another project with our solutions for high-rise buildings and to be present for the first time in the cantonal capital. In addition to the automated control systems and the useful package box solution a video intercom and smart metering systems are also integrated.

Bahnhofstrasse, Rüschlikon

At the left front of lake Zurich in the beautiful community of Rüschlikon and within a 5 minute walk to the lake a new building with seven apartments is being built. They will be equipped with the advanced smart PLACE system including the Freecooling Module.

With the Freecooling system the residents can decrease the room temperature easily through the touchpanel. In the summertime cool water flows through the underfloor heating system. The indoor climate can be reduced without an active cooling device.

Weissenrainstrasse, Uetikon am See

In the sunny community of Uetikon on the right front of lake Zurich, ROEFS Architects are realizing an apartment building with fife owner-occupied apartments, two of them are duplex apartments. We are pleased, we could convince a further building project with our philsophy and matching solutions. Each apartment will be equipped with the smart PLACE Basic package and includes full control over the lightning, blinds and room climates. These functions are always operatable by smartphone, tablet and PC or laptop.

A highlight is the smartmetering. It gives the apartment administration an overview of the charge settlement. The residents can have a look at their water and heating consumption at any time.

Image of building

Le Torri, Locarno

The Swiss Life Asset Management has again chosen to work with smart Place. Four new towers are being built in the heart of the canton of Ticino. Besides the large building project at Baslerstrasse in Altstetten (ZH), 153 residential and business units in Locarno (TI) will be equipped with smart PLACE. There are no set boundaries in digitizing buildings .

The whole smart PLACE Team takes great pleasure in realizing this new project.

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Living at Dorfbach

Next to flowing stretch of water, in walking distance to the main square and all the shops, 19 modern and sophisticated 3.5 to 5.5 apartments are arising, ready for the digital time-age with smart building automation. Operate your home with smart Place from everywhere and set your automation uncomplicated via smartphone.



High-rise building Baslerstrasse

The high-rise building at Baslerstrasse 71 will not only dominate the picture of the Zürich Altstetten quarter, but also will set new standards in building technology. Our team is looking forward to implement this project, 76 meters high, including 161 apartments, as well office- and commercial premises. An internal-consumption-community will be formed (ZEV). A smart metering system is a requirement, which will give the user a transparent and constant controlling of its energy-usage and makes sure that the generated sun-energy will be used only in its own building. On the touchpanel from smart PLACE, the lights, blinds, heater, air-conditioner and video intercom in each apartment can be operated and controlled. The most advanced parcel-box solution allows each postman to deposit easily, if the resident is absent in his apartment. The residents-platform is always within the smart all-around-solution. Via this platform, the real estate management can communicate directly with the residents, sending messages including pictures or loading up documents.

170117_moser-wegenstein_spiegelhofstrasse-56_c02.jpg__920x550_q85_autocrop_crop_subsampling-2_upscale (1)

MFH Spiegelhofstrasse

Between Fluntern and Hottingen embedded, an apartment building with 8 apartments will be build. The apartments are equipped with the modern smart PLACE System. With the smart Metering, each resident is able to see how much power was used. The real estate management can communicate in real time via virtual Info board with the residents.


MFH Ländischstrasse

On the right shore of the Zurich-lake, arises in the best location in Meilen an apartment building with five apartments. The apartments will be equipped with the modern smart PLACE System. Among other things, it is also possible to operate the lights, blinds and the heating on the touchpanel or with a mobile device (smartphone, tablet etc.).


Glasi Areal Bülach – House Jade

The youngest city complex of Bülach- fondly Glasi called- connects optimal developed urbanity with rural idyll. The daily groceries can be done in front of your doors, forest and hills are as easily accessible as the railway station or the old town of Bülach.


AURA – Wädenswil

In a quiet location with a wonderful lake view in Wädenswil arise two dream houses each with a separate apartment. The apartments are equipped with the modern smart PLACE system, including lights, blinds, heating control, and free cooling, as well as the smart PLACE video intercom.



Nursing home Römerhof – Zurich

The nursing home in Römerhof, Zurich will be equipped with the smart PLACE Basic system. The system includes the management of light with additional daylight dependent control, heather, and blinds. The residents and the personal have emergency pushbuttons for their safety and are protected with alarms in the background.

Foto Römerstrasse

Römerstrasse – Dietikon

There are 3 new houses being built in Dietikon, which will be equipped with the smart PLACE Basic System. The system also handles the control of lights, blinds, heating and video intercom in these apartments. The system can also be operated with smartphones and tablets.

smartplace Homeautomation Hotel Alexander Thalwil

Hotel Alexander on the lake – Thalwil

In the hotel sector, the smart PLACE system offers a complete solution for all building services requirements. The system is not only easy to operate, but also ensures all the technical requirements such as lighting, louvers, heating, air conditioning, housekeeping alarms, etc. The graphical buttons are barrier-free and make it easy for the guest to immediately recognize where to use which functions. All functions of the system can also be operated by the reception.


Feldpark Lachen

In the garden settlement district in the middle of the village of Lachen, 56 owner-occupied apartments are planned. The apartments will be equipped with the modern smart PLACE system.



The smart PLACE system is now also being implemented in commercial buildings such as offices or hotels. In the center of Pfäffikon (SZ) on the Churerstrasse, a new and interesting residential and commercial building is being built. The commercial spaces are made on highest design standards and combined with the amazing air quality, which is ensured by the intelligent PLACE system. The smart PLACE iButton access system protects the area from unwanted guests


Wohnen im Park

In Niederglatt new classical-modern apartments are being build. In this project “Wohnen im Park” in addition to the standard package, which can also be comfortably controlled by mobile or tablet, the light, the blinds and the heating, as well as the ventilation, cooling and the video intercom are controlled by the smart PLACE system.




The “Langackerhof” residential park is a central location in the tax-efficient Obersee municipality of Lachen and comes with stylish and modern 2½- to 5½-room apartments on four floors. The trendy building is characterized by the fascinating facades with the large, partly covered terraces and is equipped with the modern smart PLACE system.


Perfect Place Wädenswil

Perfect Place

In the best and quiet location a multi-family house with 6 apartments is being built. The Bijou is located at the top of the top floor and also has a 4.5-room and offers a unique panoramic view. The apartments are equipped with the modern smart PLACE system.


Altschloss Richterswil


The smart PLACE system is realized in the lake community of Richterswil, between the Lake of Zurich and the Höhronen Hills. The modern double-family houses «Altschloss» are created in the district of Burghalden, which is characterized by high quality of living, the best location and its own railway station (Burghalden).




In the heart of Richterswil, «PURA» is a modern residential complex with 13 attractive 2½- to 4½-room apartments. The architecture is characterized by elegance, generous floor plans and flexible extension and furnishing options. If you like to live in the center of a tranquil sea community, you will appreciate PURA in Richterswil. The smart PLACE system evaluates the whole thing again.


Rastenhoschet Näfels


The superstructure in the heart of Näfels consists of several three- to five-storey multi-family houses with high-quality interior construction, which will be equipped with the smart PLACE system. The outside space is shaped by the spacious public space, which invites you to play and relax at the resting areas.



On the Rütnerstrasse in the picturesque town of Egetswil, Tilings Immobilien realizes the exclusive residential settlement Purelive, consisting five multi-family houses and 38 rental and owner-occupied apartments, which will be equipped with the smart PLACE system. Whether for rent or as a property, among the variety of apartment types and building standards, everyone will find the home of their wishes. Smart PLACE allows you to control a variety of controls, including: The control of lighting, blinds, heating and the video intercom. The system can also be operated with smart phones and tablets.


Alpina Vista Lachen


Set in the heart of the idyllic municipality of Lachen on Lake Zürich is the ALPINA VISTA residential development. The comfort and convenience of the smart PLACE system is available not just in the 13 owned properties but also in the 51 rental apartments. In these apartments too, the system controls functions such as lighting, blinds, heating, ventilation and the video intercom system via the touch panel.

With the infoboard, the development’s management team can notify residents quickly about all issues.

The system can also be operated using a smartphone or tablet.


Im Wil

In Affoltern am Albis, 7 owner-occupied apartments are being built that will be equipped with the smart PLACE Basic system. In these apartments too, the system will take care of the control of lighting, blinds, heating and the video intercom. The system can also be operated via smartphones and tablets.


In Schindellegi, a new residential development is being built comprising 34 owner-occupied apartments and 14 rental apartments equipped with the smart PLACE system. Here, the smart PLACE system takes care of all functions such as lighting, blinds, heating, ventilation, video intercom system, etc. By using just one system for the entire development, smart PLACE can also make a major contribution in terms of maintenance. The system can be expanded so that the building’s administration team can send out information not just by post, but rather digitally via touch panel to residents.


Am Schanzengraben

In the heart of the city centre of Zürich, just a stone’s throw from the Paradeplatz, 14 exclusive rental apartments are being built. In the conversion project, being carried out by the renowned Kalfopoulos firm of architects, the smart PLACE system controls the lighting, blinds, heating and video intercom system in every apartment. The system can be expanded for the wellness and fitness area in the basement, which means that the sauna can even be controlled from the touch panel inside the apartment.


Mobimo Tower

The Mobimo Tower apartments are located above the floors of the Renaissance Zurich Tower Hotel. These spacious apartments are located district 5, in the middle of the up-and-coming trendy district of Zurich. smart PLACE creates many advantages in the Mobimo Tower, by means of a simple iButton key system in all apartments and via the practical garage access with RFID card on the car. In addition, some apartments are equipped with the modern smart PLACE system.


Zölly Tower in Zürich West

The smart PLACE system is currently installed in 134 apartments in the Zöllytower in the Zurich West area. The system not only controls all systems, such as light, blinds, heating, and ventilation, but also displays the energy consumption graphically on the touch panel. In the entrance hall you can be easily and comfortably communicate to every apartment. The menu on the ringer panel makes it easy to find names and apartment numbers. Also the postservice will enjoy the graphical menu and the simple name search.


Bellevue Park

The smart PLACE system is being integrated into 18 apartments, split over 3 buildings, in Stäfa. In combination with our own and DMX hardware, the apartments are controlled using the smart PLACE system. The ventilation can be controlled individually via VAV for each apartment on the touch panel. The video GSA unit is integrated into the letterbox combination for each building and allows excellent images, even at night, as well as clear voice communication.