LeuchteHeating, cooling, ventilation and humidification …

Climate control & heating controls

Modern-day apartments are often built with the following systems:

– Underfloor heating

– Cooling via recirculation devices or cooling ceilings

– Controlled ventilation

– Possibly humidification

These systems are all autonomic systems that do not communicate with each other and cannot be controlled to optimum effect. With smart PLACE, you can set the desired temperature and air quality for each individual room. The system overrides the individual constituent systems to coordinate them perfectly.

Of course, the system can also be controlled depending on whether you are home or not. So when the Sleep scene is activated, for example, the ventilation can be set to maximum for a short while and then shut off completely. This means that the noise of the fan during the night is no longer a problem.

We’ve also realised that there is a major difference in terms of material damage between rooms that are used constantly and those that are only used occasionally. In apartments that are empty for weeks or even months at a time, there is often damage to parquet flooring or other materials.

smart PLACE detects critical parameters such as relative humidity (%), temperature (°C) or air quality (CO2) and regulates the systems accordingly so that no damage can occur.