Individual solution for various areas

In the construction industry, we offer solutions for both new-build and renovation projects. The smart PLACE system is used for the following areas and includes solutions that are customised for each individual property. Modern technology can only function with a system.

Residential developments

smart PLACE can be used in a residential development as a system for all applications. A system that starts with the doorway into the building and ends with a touch panel in each apartment. With the smart PLACE system, all of the apartment’s functions can be controlled via a user-friendly touch panel (remote control). Lighting control, control of the blinds, heating control, climate control (ventilation) and the video intercom system can be conveniently operated via the touch panel. The apartment can also be controlled using a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet.

Private properties

In the premium-end residential sector, the demands on lighting control (LED dimming, RGB, etc.), climate control, security, multimedia, and so on, are becoming increasingly complex and extensive. Flexible building technology and lighting control systems that can be easily operated and controlled with a single system are increasingly in demand. The smart PLACE system offers exactly this. ONE system for all applications – stable, secure and simple. The visualisation for all applications, for instance, is always the same.

Commercial / Hotels

smart PLACE is also an excellent solution for commercial properties. Simple solutions can also be dynamically enhanced or adapted after construction is complete. Building technology systems are controlled effectively and efficiently with the smart PLACE system. Alarm messages from all systems, video surveillance of the property and targeted messaging from facility management teams are all child’s play with the smart PLACE system.