Neue Zürcher Zeitung (NZZ) 06th of november 2018

The NZZ is questioning how you live with the hometechnology of the future.

Magazine with an article about the airmodul comfort-ventilation device in collaboration with the smart PLACE control system in the new building “Mirador”.
An article about the smart PLACE System in cooperation with Life Style Immobilien.

Magazine “Neue Seesicht” Nr. 4 Sept./ Okt. 2015

An article about the smart PLACE System in the project “Mirador” in Schindellegi (SZ).

SWISSENGINEERING a swiss technical magazine

Intelligent connection, a report from the Zöllytower in cooperation with smart PLACE.

In the Zölly Tower ZH, around 140 apartments are being built that will be distinguished from conventional apartments not least by a shared smart PLACE system and which will soar above more than just the city of Zürich with the technology they offer.