A Highlight for every hotel guest

In the hotel sector, the smart PLACE system offers a complete solution for all technical requirements. The system is not only easy to operate, but also ensures all the requirements for the technology, such as light / blind heating / ventilation / air conditioning control, etc.

In operation, the system offers a lot of advantages. For example, the wellness area (sauna etc.) can also be operated from the computer at the reception. The entire system and every hotel room can also be controlled and operated by the computer. With the touchpanel in every hotel room, the guest is not only always up-to-date, which includes events in the hotel, but can also use and control all the technology in the room with the graphical visualization. The visual buttons make it easy for the guest to recognize immediately which functions are to be used.

In terms of price, the system isn’t more expensive compared to conventional solutions, but offers an enormous added value for the operator and is a highlight for the guest.