LeuchteMore security through technology!

smart PLACE key system

With the smart PLACE digital key system, access is secure and convenient. The system is protected against tampering and offers excellent security. smart PLACE offers solutions for the residential sector as well as for secure centres requiring increased protection.

The great advantage of the smart PLACE access system is that it can be used perfectly well in various sectors. So you have only one chip key for your apartment doors, the same key for the lift control, the barrier control or other protected areas.

Keyless Go … now at home too!

Keyless Go, a term from the automotive industry, can now also be used at home. Using RFID (radio-frequency identification), you can simply register with a “radio key” at home to control the garage barriers / doors, switch off the alarm system, activate the perfect scenes or simply open your doors.

So you don’t have to do anything more than simply arrive.